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My passion is taking your feelings and emotions and transforming them into memorable keepsakes. My love for writing organically developed with my visionary responsibilities of annual marketing plans and promotional materials. The door opened to expand my talents into writing specialized invitations, personal announcements, programs for weddings,
and celebration of life events. I am a compassionate, open-minded, and self-motivated professional. I enjoy brainstorming and collaborating to achieve your vision. My standards
are no less than exemplary.

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Funeral Program:


I believe that we are spiritual beings, and we have
come here to experience what it is like to be human.
My Mother is no longer in pain and continues with
her soul's path. I consider myself to be one of the
most blessed humans. I chose a mother who taught
me compassion, love for family, children, unity,
charity, and the beauty of the world we lived in together through art, music, and beloved animals.

My Mother bestowed the looks and characteristics of
an earth angel, and every time she looked at me or
held me in her arms, it felt like it was heaven
on earth. She gave me the confidence to go out
into the world and soar.


There is a quote from one of my favorite books, Illusions, by Richard Bach. "Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't."

I know without a shadow of a doubt that she is in this room today, standing by me, showering love to her grandchildren and all of those she loved dearly. In the deepest part of my heart, I know that we all can connect with her always. Believing with our minds and hearts opening to the possibilities so that we feel her presence on a much deeper level than ever imagined.

As she enters her new journey, my wish for my Mother is that she reunites with her loving family while gazing at the English countryside overlooking Buckingham Palace and crowned a Queen.


- She was a loving daughter, sister, wife, adored

Mother, Godmother, and dear friend to many.

- She loved her Queen, Elizabeth, as she is and

still hopes to see Buckingham Palace and the   English countryside (hoping she is there now!)

- This is the wording from your sister I just love          and find beautiful and comforting: Stating…

 I believe that we are a spiritual being and that we have come here to experience what it is like to be human…And possibly tie in..."

"Characteristics, please do not feel you need to include all…just typing away.

- Gentle soul and kindest spirit

- Loved children

- Loved animals

- Artistic

- Confident

- Responsible

- Loved bagpipes and the harp

My Mother's Tribute

I was having a conversation with my Mother a few months back and said to her, "I have thought that I was not the easiest child for you to raise" She said, "you think so" I said "yes." She asked me what I would have done with a child like you? "I said, "I would have probably locked her in a closet for a good 20 years". She says, "Well, we tried that, didn't we"? We could finally laugh about the challenging times we faced together.

I believe that we are spiritual beings and have come here to experience what it is like to be human. I have also believed that one of the greatest spiritual truths is that we choose our parents. We choose them because we know that this soul will help us learn our life lessons through them. 


I researched the population and discovered over 7 million souls that I could choose from when I came into this world. I decided upon Annalee Taylor Ferrante to be my greatest teacher. She was the one that was going to help me awaken in this life, and that alone will always make her exceptional to me. She was proud, intuitive, talented, creative, determined, and she was a unique individual and believed in following her path. 

I feel that every one of her children has these qualities and characteristics within them. We are strong, we are strong individually, we are strong as a family, and we are strong because she taught us how to be strong in the best way she knew how.

There is a quote from one of my favorite books, "Illusions" by Richard Bach. "Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't."


For me, Mother no longer has to be in human form and continues her journey as a spiritual being. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that she is in this room today, standing by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I believe that we all can connect with her always with our minds and hearts opened to the possibilities so that we can feel her presence on a much deeper level than we ever thought imaginable.


My wish for my Mother as she enters her new journey is to go out and find the souls of Ella Fitzgerald and sing with her, teach Julia Child a thing or two about who the boss is! And jam with BB King, dance with our Father again, sleep with the angels, and visit us in our dreams. We will see you again, my dear Mother, when our mission on earth is finished. 


My Nephew's Program

We lost an Earth Angel, my Nephew who just recently turned 43. Andy was a Firefighter and served in the Armed Forces, devoting his life to helping others. The Father of two of the most beautiful girls, and they were Daddy's girls, and he loved them with every ounce of his being. Andy had such a dry sense of humor combined with such a tough exterior but let me tell you, those eyes would sparkle, and you could see the depths of his soul, which would take your breath away. He had such a sensitive heart, and you can only imagine the experiences he had and the sights his eyes had witnessed in serving our country and his community. 

Andy was honored in such a loving way by his fellow Fire Fighters, police officers, and EMTs; they all came out in force to acknowledge that he was one of their own. As we traveled over 100 miles to Louisville last night, his Brothers and Sisters were at every overpass saluting him and hanging the American Flag as we all drove by. The respect and adoration that was demonstrated by these men and women deeply touched everyone. 


For anyone reading this, I ask that you take a moment and send love to my sister and Andy's daughters; they will need this energy in the coming days and months as they grieve the loss of this beautiful soul.

In Loving Memory and Dedication for my sweet Julias.



I said goodbye to my furry child Julias who was with me for most of his life; he was fifteen. I believe that God has put animals on this earth as angels, teaching us humans how to learn how to love unconditionally and be pure of heart. Pure of heart, meaning that when you send love, it is just loving, and there is no other energy tied to it, no memories of the past lingering or thoughts of mistrust. The only energy or thought that is there is love, and when that happens, you feel this feeling pour from your heart and in the direction of the one you love. They, in turn, feel the purity of that love and return it. It is a constant flow and stream from one heart into another. Every time I looked at Julias, I felt that kind of love.


There comes a moment when you realize that you have an opportunity to make a shift in your consciousness and you decide that you want to move forward in your learning process, so you choose consciously that “yes I want to learn how to love like that and be able to give that love purely.” When we ask for something while being pure of heart with our intentions, our teachers appear. In this case, mine came as a furry black cat that I named Julias.

Pet Eulogy:

Julias taught me about compassion, being in the moment, and being fully present with someone. There have been many times over the years that Julias would stay by my side. I often felt sick or was in physical pain; he would be with me, be by my side; the only time he would leave is when he had to go to the bathroom or eat. He never left my side until I had the strength that I needed inside. I want to very much be like this, someone who is fully present for another being while they are in their heartache and pain. So, I give my gratitude and love to this little angel for showing me what to do when someone needs it. 


In his last days, I sat with him as he did with me, being present for another being, and sending as much love as I can with all the purity in my heart. When it came time, I lifted Julias and carried him to the Doctor; it was very unusual he did not try to get away from me; usually, when he senses the Doctor, he hides and does not want to come out. Even in the last moments of his little life, he was showing me how to have strength. I held Julias in my arms tightly as he took his last breath, and I now mourn the loss of my teacher and beloved furry child. Sleep with the angels, Julias, and let them hold you in their loving arms. I will always be grateful for the lessons and love that I felt from the inside.


I would not know any of this until I asked myself the question, “What did I learn from Julias and then the answers came. I encourage you to ask yourselves, “What have I learned from my furry children.” The answers and insights may astound you.

We are so grateful that everyone can be with us on our Wedding Day. Our bond is unbreakable, and the love between us is forever sealed. As we embrace our new day and month, which represents the emblems of time, inspiration, richness, and the creation of long-lasting, powerful memories, we stand before you and unite our hearts as one.


All of us have been through recent times that have challenged us in inconceivable ways. It means the world to us that you are a part of this day and celebrating our union. We are so thankful to know that we have your love and support and will cherish it always.

Sample Wedding Programs
& Announcements:

Timothy and Michele stood hand in hand,
looked into each other's eyes, and said their vows
on Wednesday, July 28, 2020.


They have always dreamt of finding each other and knew they were meant for one another from the moment they met. The decision was made that not another hour, minute, moment, or day would pass by without being united as husband and wife. There is no power greater in this world than love, and they are so looking forward to walking down the aisle, declaring their sacred vows, and celebrating their joyous union with dear friends and family.  

Invitation Introductions:

This year has taught us about aligning with new timing, deepening our understanding about going with the flow.  Life continues to unfold as, hand in hand, our cherished love grows.

There is a new generation coming that transforms us into a Family of Three loving throughout eternity. We invite you to share in our bundle of joy’s expectation celebration.

Birthday Letter:


My Dearest John,

I have been blessed since the moment we met;
your heart opened places inside of me that I never thought possible. When I looked into the depths of
your mesmerizing blue eyes, I knew my life was going to be forever changed. An endless journey was unfolding, and all I wanted to do was to thank God for sending you to me and embrace the love that exuded from your soul.


You left your mark, my love, the years of dedication and commitment you gave to your career in Hospital Administration, the touchdowns for Ole Miss, your passion for your country, your love, and your devotion to church and family. Your peers' respect and admiration honor the man you are, and I am uplifted and inspired just by being by your side. There is so much goodness in you that God just had to give you the blessing of your identical twin, Sean.


You have enriched my life in so many ways; I adore your zest for life and adventure, the twinkle in your eyes when you are playing golf, and the pure joy that comes from your heart when you find your antique car treasures. Most importantly, you have taught me to embrace all that life has to offer, be thankful for every blessing, and never take anything or anyone for granted. I not only count my lucky stars; I see the stars every time I look at you.


Happy 80th Birthday to the most amazing Father, Husband, and Best Friend!


June 11, 2020 


John is an amazing man.

He grew up with his identical twin brother and best friend, Dan.take this out.

They look alike and act alike – in many ways they are much the same. Both played football at Ole Miss, so it is not surprising that football is their favorite game. Ned loves to go to church, play golf and collect antique cars.

He doesn’t take his blessings for granted and always counts his lucky stars.


Ned retired from Hospital Administration, a fulfilling career for many years. He made a name for himself and was respected and admired by his peers. Ned loves God and his country and loves his family in every way.

They enrich and light up his life and really make his day.

The first time I met John, I was not planning on him being the one. However, I could not resist his gorgeous smile, baby blues and big heart, and a new journey had just begun.

We have so many exciting memories to plan and look forward to; My life has been enhanced and so very sweet being married to you!  Happy 80th birthday to my wonderful and fun-loving husband.

Freelance Writing Services


Freelance Writing Services




"Martha....thank you for your amazing writing skills and for helping me with recent projects. Your creative writing enhances each job, from your help with my website write-ups to the clever jargon we have used on invitations.
I have so appreciated how quickly you have responded to me and nail everything you do."

- Decoritifs
   Melbourne, Florida

"Felt the need to share a few thoughts with you during the crazy events over the past year and more.
Stress seems to be everywhere, in the homes, maybe at work if you have the luxury of being employed and certainly by the speed we drive to collect as much toilet paper as our SUV can hold. I've observed people taking to social media or mindless games where it is suggested we are losers, can be deleted by one button & rant because we can't be seen.


But when I connect with you or read your work, I sense a calmness coming over me; you instill hope when none can be found & your humor is priceless. That's a talent not many have developed, and with each year, you've managed to increase your depth & focus on the real things that matter. You truly have mastered "Keep Calm & Carry On," and my mind and soul thank you for that".

- Connie Kiernan
   Cincinnati, Ohio

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